Judah’s Second Month

Nov 17, 2021

I mean…look at that face.

Welcome to Judah’s second month! It’s really hard to put into words how much our love for Judah has grown in the last 4 weeks. Like, it may literally be impossible? We love this baby boy so much!

Month Two: Watching the World

He is growing so much and changing so quickly! We may have had a little existential crisis a few weeks ago when we had to pack up the newborn clothes and switch over to 0 – 3 months. On his 2 month birthday, Judah weighed 13 lbs and 5 ounces, and even though we don’t know exactly how much he weighed at 1 month, it safe to say Judah has been putting on some baby weight. Look at those little cheeks!

Each day seems to bring new abilities and changes. To our delight, Judah has started smiling and even giggling! He likes mirroring our smiles back at us and will laugh when we do bicycles with his legs. It’s the greatest sound ever. He is such a joyful baby, but also so, SO aware. He watches the world with intense interest, and you can almost see the wheels turning as he tries to make sense of all the things happening around him.

This month, Judah celebrated his first halloween! He loves playing on his Loveevery Play Mat, and sometimes his coos turn into something louder and more excited, like he’s trying to holler at the toys that hang above him. He has also really started to enjoy bath time, and no longer gets super fussy when it’s time to get out of the bath (so long as we keep him snug and warm, of course).

In the last four weeks we went on lots of evening walks in our neighborhood and got to spend time with family, including some extended Keegan folks from up north! Judah also attended his first wedding (congratulations Deanna + Simon!) and did such a good job staying quiet during the ceremony!

He also did his first overnight without us, or put more truthfully, we did our first overnight without him. It was the longest night of our lives! Ironically, you’d think we would have slept straight through, but nope – We missed him so much, it was unbearable!

Things we want to remember

  • When he naps on his mama, he grabs her shirt with his tiny little fingers.
  • He’s starting to mimic smiles and laughs, and even mimicked Mimi sticking her tongue out
  • His neck is already SO strong! He can pretty much hold his head up on his own.
  • He actually really likes his swing now and still loves his bouncer and play mat, of course.
  • He’s starting to get used to riding in the car!
  • He smiles when his daddy swaddles him.
  • Mama and daddy like to sing to him during bath time.
  • Each night after bath time, Mama rocks him to sleep singing You Are My Sunshine, then Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
  • Rocco loves Judah and gets as close to cuddling with him and we’ll allow.
  • He really enjoys being held with his back to you so he can look around and see what’s going on.
  • His legs are really strong! He acts like he wants to stand up so bad!

Soundtrack of the Month

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