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A personalized, elegant and encouraging wedding
experience for the modern + madly-in-love couple.
Born and based in Austin, TX.

Joyful images and an elevated experience
from photographers who feel like old friends. 

Hey, we’re Lacey + Lee, a couple of high school sweethearts who fell in love, had the best wedding day ever, and decided to bet big on a crazy dream: that we could help other people feel loved, supported and cared-for on their wedding journey, take beautiful images along the way and make a living doing it. 

Five years and more than 65 weddings later, we are lucky enough to call this dream job our full time gig. And we get to spend our days photographing the coolest people: our L+L Couples.

Hey there, we're Lacey + Lee!

Hopeless romantics.
High school sweethearts.
Wedding photographers.

Bel E, Bride

"Lacey and Lee quite literally brought our wedding to life. They made it look even more magical than it felt!"

This is about more than pretty photos. It’s about giving you an exceptional wedding photography experience from start to finish.

It’s about setting your mind at ease and helping you feel comfortable on camera. It’s about knowing when to step in and take charge, and when to stay back to let the moment unfold in all of it’s perfect imperfection.

It’s about capturing images that don’t just show you what the day looked like, but remind you what the day felt like. 

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