Judah’s First Month

Oct 17, 2021

Thanks to some inspiration from the wonderful Katelyn James, we have decided to blog some of our favorite images from each of Judah’s first twelve months! We’re so excited to start this process, and excited to have a really good reason (and some accountability) to take more photos of us and Judah in our day to day lives!

Although Judah’s super-cuteness is definitely the highlight of this blog post, we’re also trying to create a visual and verbal snapshot of what our lives looked like during this special time. We’re late getting this blog post out (Judah is almost 2 months old as we write this), and time has flown by so quickly since he was born. Our hope is that this blog post and the eleven that follow it can help to solidify our memories of this sweet little boy during this beautiful stage of life.

MONTH ONE: Sleepy Baby Cuddles

To be honest, ya’ll, Judah is an awesome baby. He communicates well, is fairly easy for us to read, and has slept pretty well since the 3rd or 4th day back from the hospital. (Or at least as well as you can expect from a newborn)

The first 2 days, though, were pretty tough. The first two nights back included almost no sleep for any of the three of us. Judah was uncomfortable in a new environment and constantly cluster feeding, and we were sleep deprived like we didn’t know was possible.

At one point, Lee said in a moment of exhausted desperation, “THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.” This phrase has quickly become an inside joke among some of our family members, and now Lee is pretty certain it’ll end up being his catch phrase in life whether he likes it or not.

After those first few nights, Judah settled into life at home, as did we into life as parents. Family members came to visit, including lots of grandparents, aunts and uncles and so many sweet cousins. Judah learned very quickly just how incredibly loved he is, and how much he has surely hit the jackpot in terms of loving family members.

Judah has continued to learn and grow this month. We didn’t weigh him at the end of the month, but we will make that a consistent practice moving forward.

More than anything, this month was filled with lots of love, baby cuddles, and moments of surreal gratitude and joy. Moments where we look at each other and say, “Can you believe we have a kid? And that he is This. Stinkin’. Cute?”


  • Judah was so aware from the moment he was born.
  • His daddy is a pretty good swaddler, and loves to sing Judah to sleep.
  • Judah loves his hands. So much so, it was pretty much impossible to get a good photo of him in the womb because he loved to cover his face with his hands. He still likes to do that (which makes swaddling him a bit of a challenge).
  • Judah loves to look at his high contrast images on his play mat, and watch the ceiling fan when he’s getting his diaper changed.
  • Seriously, he is all about ceiling fans.
  • He loves to take naps on mommy’s chest, or in the carrier with daddy.
  • When he was 4 weeks old, Judah gave us his first 6 hour stretch of sleep (amazing!).
  • Judah loves being outside and looking up at the sky, but he is not a big fan of our evening walks.
  • Rocco (our kitten) loves to lay near Judah and thinks his play mat is for him! Kiki and Tiger Lilly (the two older cats) are still unsure about Judah.
  • Judah is starting to coo.
  • Judah loves bath time but hates getting dried off. He really likes the blow dryer though!
  • He loves his pacifier.
  • Newborn clothes were big on him for the first few weeks, but he’s almost into 0-3.
  • He can already track things with his eyes and turn his little head!


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  1. Deanna Boaz says:

    I must say I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for this gift from Heaven and also you all are so amazing with your writing and the beautiful images, that I feel like I’m watching history being made right there with you. Thank you for that! As someone who has rather a disdain for so much media and need for the internet… I can honestly say thank God for this and your willingness to share it! Welcome to our word Judah, you are already changing things here:D we love you and your parents!

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