Judah’s Third Month

Dec 17, 2021

Welcome to Judah’s Third Month! This time has been so precious to us – it’s hard to believe how fast it’s flying by!


Judah’s third month was filled with so many wonderful firsts! His first Thanksgiving, his first time going to a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Avery Rose!), his first time meeting his Aunt Sumer and Uncle Keith and so much more!

He has graduated from barely being able to lift his head while in tummy time to short bursts of looking around and taking in the world around him. He still isn’t rolling over, but we can tell it’s going to happen any day now – he’s getting so much more coordinated with his hands too!

On his third month birthday, Judah weighed 14 lbs, 12oz and he was 23 inches long. He’s a growing boy for sure! He wants to sit up like a big boy SO badly, but he isn’t quite there yet, though he can sit up briefly with the help of his Boppy pillow.

Perhaps one of the most delightful developments this month is that Judah has really started to find his voice. He coos, gurgles, giggles and sometimes even screeches with joy! And of course, he tends to be really joyful first thing in the morning, which means mornings are a noisy affair in our household (and we LOVE it!).

One of our favorite things to do is sit on our back porch with Judah in his bouncer and sing to him. He is so mystified by the guitar and the melodies, and he clearly wants to sing back SO badly!

He’s also really started to follow things with his eyes. He was already tracking some moving objects (ceiling fans especially), but now he’s starting to watch his mom and dad with a close curiosity that feels like something new. And whether we talk to him or not, whether we make noise or try to be quiet, his eyes follow us intently, always trying to sort out exactly what it is that’s keeping us so busy.

This month was filled with so much magic, and we’re so excited for all the magic still to come!


  • He’s really started to find his voice, and loves to explore the different noises he can make.
  • He likes to lift his legs up like a happy baby, but he’s not grabbing them with his hands quite yet.
  • When on the changing table he likes to rock his legs up in the air and slam his feet down on the table. He’s learning to kick harder and he’s pretty darn good at it!
  • He can grip his bottle but not support the weight of it, but he really wants to control the bottle.
  • Tummy time is not his favorite thing, but he’s definitely getting stronger in it. He likes to look around the room or watch Coco Melon on his belly.
  • He clasps his hands together and it is the gosh darned cutest thing in the world.
  • He’s SO expressive with his eyebrows. It’s the cutest!!

Soundtrack of the Month

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