LAUREN + TREVOR || A Long-Awaited Wedding Celebration at The Alexander at Creek Road

Jun 10, 2021

“Lauren + Trevor are the type of people you grab a coffee with only to find yourself still hanging out hours later because every topic has the potential to spin off in a dozen different interesting directions.”

Our blog posts are usually pretty long – about 1,000 words, and that’s if we force ourselves to edit them down after we finish a stream of consciousness rant about how much we love our couples. And despite our desire to keep our blog posts short, sweet and perfectly polished, this post is HIGHLY likely to go on for quite a while because there is a LOT to cover, and we have big, wonderful feelings about these two people.

L+L Fam, meet Lauren + Trevor. A Deaf-hearing couple, both of whom teach at the Texas School for the Deaf here in Austin, Lauren + Trevor are the type of people you grab a coffee with only to find yourself still hanging out hours later because every topic has the potential to spin off in a dozen different interesting directions.

We sat down with them at Kosmic Coffee back in 2019 after they inquired through our website. Ironically, their initial email popped into our inbox on June 10th, 2019, almost exactly 2 years to the day as we write this blog post.

But like many couples, their wedding timeline got pushed back. Lauren + Trevor were originally set to get married on March 19th, 2020, but with COVID lockdowns imminent, Lauren + Trevor made the heartbreaking decision to postpone their wedding. Instead of their original big wedding celebration in March, we joined them at the Alexander at Creek Road on June 4th to photograph an intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family.

It was beautiful and touching – a chance to celebrate what makes us all human, and what makes humanity greater than the sum of its parts. We got to celebrate a beginning, rather than fear an end, and in 2020 that was a special gift for us.

Their intimate ceremony complete, we made plans to return to return to the Alexander on June 4th 2021 for an epic one year anniversary party and the big wedding celebration Lauren + Trevor had originally planned.

Another special gift came not too long after. Lauren and Trevor found out they are going to be PARENTS!! We were excited for them when we discovered they would be having a kiddo, but imagine our surprise and DELIGHT when we found out that Baby Anderson is due just 7 days after Baby Bortner! WOW!

All of that to say, this was a long-awaited and long-anticipated day, and we were so excited to get to see these dear friends and wonderful people again!

We arrived at the Alexander at Creek Road on a day with a 70% chance of THUNDERSTORMS at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to happen. Not to worry though, Lauren + Trevor were as calm as could be. Plus they were brimming with enthusiasm and excitement while never losing sight of the real reason for the day – their love for each other.

A mirror imagine of last year’s intimate gathering, the ceremony featured their good friend Mark (fantastic as always) as our officiant and some touching and heartfelt words spoken by Lauren’s grandfather. We would be absolutely remiss if we didn’t extend a huge thanks to the day’s interpreters, Michelle & Terri. They were such collaborative and kind professionals and we were so thankful to work alongside them for the day!

And as it turns out, Lauren + Trevor hit the wedding day weather jackpot. We didn’t feel even a drop of rain for most of the day, despite the fact that the sky in every direction around us looked dark and menacing. Honestly, the rain didn’t really fall in earnest until about 30 minutes after we moved inside for the reception. Bullet dodged!

The main event of Lauren + Trevor’s reception had to be the toasts, with appearances from Jane (the best Maid of Honor EVER), Lauren’s sister, her Dad, Trevor’s sister and Best Woman, Trevor’s Dad and the man of the hour, Trevor himself.

And if there was one thing not in short supply on this wedding day, it was humor. Trevor, both in his toast and his vows, had the crowd ROLLING laughing, and the other toast-makers at the reception weren’t far behind his wit and ability to tell a story. These were some good toasts!

The rain poured down outside as Lauren, Trevor and their loved one’s danced, laughed and danced some more in the culmination of a wedding journey that started 2+ years ago. And with little Baby A on the way, this wasn’t just a celebration of the love Lauren + Trevor share, but the promise of a new life, a new beginning and family blossoming from 2 into 3 (and we can totally relate!).

Special thanks to Jane (seriously, the best MOH!), Terri from the Alexander, Julian aka the BEST videographer who was SUCH a pleasure to work with, and all the other amazing people and vendors who made this day possible. Make sure to check the vendor tags below to get in touch with this AMAZING team!

And to Lauren + Trevor – despite the length of this blog post, there are a thousand things we didn’t get to say. We think you two are just incredible. Your whole vibe is so cool and welcoming, your humor with each other is delightful to watch, and we’re just so thankful that we got to be along for the ride with you two these last 2 years. You guys are going to be IN-CRED-IB-LE parents, and we look forward to going through the remaining stages of pregnancy (and then parenthood) alongside you both. Thank you for everything, and we can’t wait to cheer you two on for years to come!

With all the love,



Venue: Alexander at Creek Road

Planner: Alexander Event Planners

Floral: Wild Bunches Floral

Photography: Lacey and Lee Photo

Photo Booth: handheartandcrown

DJ Services by Vanrod at Toast Entertainment: @toastentertainment

Catering and Bartending: railroadbbqcatering

Cakes by Dream Bakery: dreambakeryaustin

Hair and Makeup by Lola Beauty: @lolabeautyatx

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  1. Tobin Bortner says:

    Great job with the colors in all these photos!
    When I saw the cover, and saw the bow tie, I thought I may be in for color overload. But their choice of bridesmaids dresses, the groomsmen, the cake, and the natural wood paneling in the walls is all obviously well thought out AND makes the bride the absolute focal point!
    Then I thought about the bow tie and how a groom is there solely to compliment his bride to be.
    Great job capturing what must have been a symphony of action and keeping it all about Lauren.
    What a beautiful wedding!!

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